Picture of Zechariah Blanchard Thinking

Zechariah Blanchard received his Bachelors of Science in Business Management from the University of Central Florida. He has written books on business leadership, utilizing opportunity for success, and how entrepreneurs will use creativity and innovation to bring the future to life.

Mr. Blanchard's has a passion for early stage science and technology ventures. He believes the future of humanity relies on the development of technologies that will advance our ability to sustain an ever growing population. His book Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship discusses the many ways in which he believes humanity will create this future.

Zechariah has developed his skills and education through management experience in businesses from big to small and general to specialty. He has founded several new ventures, served on the board of directors for Esper Hosting, and has consulted with ventures from small retail to the space industry.

Zechariah Blanchard is firm in his belief that through education and cooperation anything is possible. He is an avid reader of books about entrepreneurship, management, leadership, strategy, marketing, psychology, space, technology, and the many sciences.

He is currently working on several small projects and applying to a select few PhD programs in Business Management. Any extra time Zechariah has is usually spent with his wife and two children.

Mr. Blanchard is happy to accept questions and inquiries about past, present, or future projects, his consultation services, book signings, guest lectures, training seminars, interviews, and other professionally related pursuits.